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"Maybe it's animalness that will make the world right again:
the wisdom of elephants, the enthusiasm of canines, the grace
of snakes, the mildness of anteaters. Perhaps being human
needs some diluting." ― Carol Emshwiller

Main Research Camp

At our main research camp we focus on the large keystone species that inhabit

Greater Makalali Nature Reserve. Elephants, lion, hyena and buffalo. All data

from our Endangered Species Camp, Job's Halt lodge rangers and the other lodges

with in the reserve are also added to our data bases and analysed at main camp.

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Endangered Species Camp

We focus on the rarer species that roam Makalali Game Reserve, this often requires

us to spend a lot more time on foot tracking these animals and recording tracks

and signs. Here we focus on cheetah, ground-hornbill, rhino, leopard and wild-dogs.

3 Day Back-packing Wildlife Patrol

Our back-packing walking patrol offers an unique wild-life experience while supporting our conservation efforts to protect our threatened animals that roam the Greater Makalali Nature Reserve.

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