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"Until one has loved an animal, one part of the one's soul remains unawakened." ― Anatole France

Field Guide 

Siyafunda offers a mentored field guide internship that gives individuals a realistic introduction into living and working

in the South African bush. You will be mentored through

a FGASA based learning schedule by our field rangers

and you will assist with making our volunteers and guests experience a once of a life time.

Our program has been developed by Mike Job who has been a guide and lead trails guide since 2003, he has experience

in working in lodges around South Africa and has grown Siyafunda's volunteer projects to be a leader in the area of volutourism. 

Siyafunda runs 3 camps, 2 volunteer camps and 1 lodge, this will give all interns a broad-based working experience guiding and managing different expectations with the hospitality and volunteer tourism. 


Course out-line

We offer two routes to achieving your mentorship goals. 

- 3 Months Practical Only: The pre-requisite is that you complete your FGASA Studies and Exam prior to starting

your Mentorship. You will focus solely on the practical

while with us preparing for your Assessment

6 Month Theory & Practical: You will study the theory

and get practical experience while hosted by us and have

our guides on hand to assist with them both.



1. Creating a guided nature experience

2. Geology
3. Weather and Climate
4. Astronomy
5. Ecology
6. The Biomes
7. Taxonomy
8. Plants and Grasses
9. Arthropods

10. Fish

11. Amphibians

12. Reptiles

13. Birds

14. Mammals

15. Animal behaviour

16. Conservation management

17. Historical human habitation

Your Camp

Your Internship tented camp is situated next to Siyafunda Main Camp, giving you access to our library and living closely with our field rangers. Living in our tented camp will allow you to immerse yourself in the bush and experience

the wildlife intimately. Each tent has a single bed and there

is a central deck under a Weeping Boer Bean Tree where

you can find a quite space to study.

You will also be helping out at our other camps so expect

be staying at them during your stay. 


Siyafunda Internship & Main Camp have:

- electricity and hot running water (solar panels: on overcast days it can sometimes run out)

- Internet / WIFI at the base: 

- Reasonable cell reception at camp. You can easily buy

a south-African SIM card (MTN is best) at the airport or

in Hoedspruit.

- Comfortable lounge area: library with books and magazines, TV, DVD players,

- Swimming Pool, volleyball,

- Braai / BBQ area

Field Guide



- Mentored drives and walks

- FGASA membership

- Exam fees

- Assessment fees

- 1st Aid course

- Accommodation

- Food

- Transfer from Hoedspruit on Mondays only

- Conservation Levy

This excludes:

- Drinks

- Snacks

- Entrance to excursion on weekend 

- Restaurant on days off

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